Dan Theodorescu, MD, PhD

Recent Publications

Abdel-Hafiz HA, Schafer JM, Chen X, Xiao T, Gauntner TD, Li Z, Theodorescu D . Y Chromosome Loss in Cancer Drives Growth by Evasion of Adaptive Immunity . Nature. 2023; Online ahead of print.

de Jong FC, Laajala T, Hoedemaeker R, Jordan K, Van Der Made A…Boormans J, Theodorescu D*, Costello J*, Zuiverloon T*. Non-Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer Molecular Subtypes Predict Differential Response to Intravesical Bacillus Calmette-Guerin . Sci Transl Med. 2023; 15(697):eabn4118. *Corresponding Authors

Wang Y, Zhang Y, Li P-C, Guo J, Huo F, Yang J, Jia R, Wang J, Huang Q, Theodorescu D , Yu H, Yan C. Development of Novel Aptamer-Based Targeted Chemotherapy for Bladder Cancer . Cancer Res. 2022;82(6):1128-39.

Nikolos F, Hayashi K, Hoi XP, Alonzo ME, Mo Q, Kasabyan A, Furuya H, Trepel J, Di Vizio D, Guarnerio J, Theodorescu D , Rosser C, Apolo A, Galsky M, Chan KS. Cell death-induced immunogenicity enhances chemoimmunotherapeutic response by converting immune-excluded into T-cell inflamed bladder tumors . Nat Commun. 2022;13(1):1487.


2023 American Urological Association (AUA) Presidential Citation. “For elucidating the molecular underpinnings of urothelial cancer”

Peter Kuhn, PhD

Recent Publications

Shishido S, Sayeed S, Courcoubetis G, Djaladat H, Miranda G, Pienta K, Nieva J, Hansel D, Desai M, Gill I, Kuhn P , Mason J.  Characterization of cellular and acellular analytes from pre-cystectomy liquid biopsies in patients newly diagnosed with primary bladder cancer . Cancers. 2022;14(3), 758.

Setayesh S, Hart O, Naghdloo A, Higa N, Nieva J, Lu J, Hwang S, Wilkinson K, Kidd M, Anderson A, Velasco C, Kolatkar A, Matsumoto N, Nevarez R, Hicks J, Mason J, Shishido S, Kuhn P. Multianalyte Liquid Biopsy to Aid the Diagnostic Workup of Breast Cancer . npj Breast Cancer. 2022; 8(1):112

Ndacayisaba L, Rappard K, Shishido S, Ruiz C, Matsumoto N, Nevarez R…Orlowski R, Hicks J, Mason J, Manasanch E, Kuhn P Enrichment-Free Single-Cell Detection and Morphogenomic Profiling of Myeloma Patient Samples to Delineate Circulating Rare Plasma Cell Clones . Current Oncology. 2022; 29, 2954-72.

Mason J, Hasnain Z, Miranda G, Gill K, Djaladat H, Desai M, Paul K, Newton P, Gill I, Kuhn P Prediction of metastatic patterns in bladder cancer: Spatiotemporal progression and development of a novel, web-based platform for clinical utility . European Urology Open Science. 2021; EUROS-D-21-00063R1.


2023 AACR Annual Meeting (Orlando, FL): Chair of Plenary Session, Early Detection and Interception of Cancer